Plan an online Minecraft birthday party with Discover Coding!

What do Minecraft players do to celebrate? They throw a BLOCK party.

Celebrate your child’s birthday through an online Minecraft birthday party with their friends!

Minecraft Birthday Party Online for Kids

Are you looking for online birthday party ideas? Is there a Minecraft lover in your house? Leave the logistics to our Minecraft experts who will set up a private Minecraft server for kids to connect with their friends and play in a safe online environment!  

Here is why your online birthday party should be a Minecraft birthday party with Discover Coding: 

Minecraft Education account provided

We provide all accounts for guests just before the online party. All your guests need are the computer requirements to run Minecraft and Zoom!

Access to a private, dedicated, moderated server for up to 12 guests. 

  • Leave the logistics to our Minecraft experts who will set up a private Minecraft server for you and your guests!  
  • We set a maximum limit of 13 players (12 guests and birthday kid) to get an optimal experience for everyone. 
  • Parents are recommended to help their kids set up in the beginning as some navigating and typing may be challenging for kids 9 and under. Plus, staff and instructional videos are available to help support this process. Once kids are connected, parents can be hands free to have a break and focus on celebrating!  

Choose from a variety of fun Minecraft world ideas!  

Our hosts are Minecraft experts with lots of Minecraft birthday party ideas and can suggest and adapt challenges to ensure kids are having fun. 

  • Choose from a variety of world themes for the party: Jungle biomes, metropolis cities, space, pyramid and farms 
  • Creative builds to create treehouses, castles and houses 
  • Mob survival 
  • Capture the flag
  • Sky-block village 
  • Ender dragon battle 
  • And much more!  

If any attendees want to learn how to code in Minecraft and do challenges based on the code they created, our Minecraft coding experts can also teach kids how to code their own super power and then do a mob survival challenge with that super power. We have a whole program dedicated to Minecraft coding for kids, check it out here 

Easy step-by-step instructions for the host and guests  

Hosts can send a custom Minecraft birthday party invite to all their guests

I’m in! How do I get started?

Start your virtual Minecraft birthday party by signing up at the button below. 

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