Online Minecraft Birthday Party


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Online Minecraft Birthday Party

Mine. Craft. Game. The perfect birthday party for Minecraft fans!

Does your child want to play Minecraft with their friends for their Birthday or special event? Join us in our private server to build a survival village, explore adventure scenarios, or create crazy mods together.

To ensure a consistent and reliable experience for all players, Discover Coding will provide all players with Minecraft Education Edition accounts. Party experiences are tailored for your birthday child and options include:

  • Guided creative builds, such as making a winter wonderland, or parkour course.
  • Use code to create simple mods, such as making it rain chickens, or giving your self super speed and super jumps!
  • Survive together in an untamed world.


Only $189 + GST

  • Play with up to 12 friends for 2 hours!
  • Access to a private, moderated server for safe online play.
  • Licenses provided for all kids!
  • Kids keep their accounts for 24 hours for offline play after the party.

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