Guided, Full-Day Minecraft sessions for students ages 7-14 ( Grades 2-8 )

Is your child crazy for Minecraft? Would they like to learn to play Minecraft in constructive ways?

This is a fun and educational Minecraft day camp designed to maximize collaboration between players.  Emphasis is placed on caring for other players, helping out and being a leader. Each camp will have a different Minecraft building challenge.

Students will work in teams to:

  • Write code to create Minecraft mods
  • Design, Build, Test a world challenge
  • Present, Reflect, Play the world they build

Multiple skill levels are welcomed.  New/Intermediate players will start off in a tutorial section. Advanced players can take on leadership roles and more challenging objectives.

We have balanced time with on-screen and off-screen activities. Kids will be engaged in active games in open space, playgrounds or a gym depending on the location.

Past students are welcomed to join again to refine and advance their skills.

Classes at Dynamyx Gymnastics Club include a recreational gymnastics class. 

Class Details

Students will start off the day using block programming languages to create modifications, such as programming Steve to do super digs and jumps; or programming robot helper to build a sky scraper. Returning students can build more advanced modifications or be challenged using Javascript.

Each day-camp has different theme. Week-long camps will have 3 challenges, such as Amusement Parks, Obstacle courses, City Skyscrapers, Capture the Flag, and more. Kids are introduced to using scripting and commands to make builds more efficient and interesting.  They get to keep the worlds the whole class builds together to play or continue working on later. We have a lot of kids that take the program over and over again so we are continuously changing our themes!

Class Schedule

  • Morning
    • Introductions and Technology Contract
    • Minecraft Coding in block programming or Javascript
    • Break: Snacks, board games and Chat about Minecraft
    • Create Minecraft selfies or Learn a command script concept
    • Introduce Challenge of the day
    • Work in teams to design challenge on a poster
    • Build teams challenge in the shared world
  • Afternoon
    • Lunch and physical activity (ie. playground)
    • Continue with team build
    • Break: Snacks, board games and chat about Minecraft
    • Test and refine build challenge
    • Present challenges
    • Play and explore other teams builds