We pride ourselves on having an awesome, diverse team of enthusiastic and highly trained technology educators. Our instructors are excited to build and teach an innovative curriculum to the next generation of technology creators! They are all super approachable and are more than happy to talk about the what’s going on in class and how your students are doing. Please come and say “HI!” next time you see them, we promise they won’t bite!

Meet a few of our team members!

Jennifer is a passionate educator with over 17 years of experience working with children. She has a Teaching Diploma through the North American Montessori Center, and a Bachelor’s of Education from the University of Alberta. Jennifer also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computing Science and a Minor in Business. Her experience in the technology industry includes working for IBM and MacDonald Dettwiler & Associates Ltd, processing systems for satellites around the world.


Founder & Head Instructor | She/Her

Johnny Huynh is a master technologist who has been working with computers and technology for over 20 years. He learned system administration in DOS by the age of 11, wrote his first computer game at 12, and built his first computer by 14. Johnny holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Computing Science, and has held a variety of specialized programming and IT roles in the industry.


Head Technologist | He/Him

Amanda is a creative teacher who has been teaching on Treaty 6 land for many years. She is obsessed with indoor plants and would have even more at home if her little crazy puppy, Mitty, (aka the Mittinator) didn't think they were all yummy salads. Amanda believes coding and technology will play a crucial role in helping our planet stay alive and healthy.


Program Manager | She/Her

James has a varied background in a number of Engineering fields, it always circles back to programming. Their passion for coding extends to many parts of their life (like making games or helping with homework) and they hope to share that passion with you! James' dexterity doesn't stop with fingers flying over keys -- they also can be found practicing various circus acts such as juggling, diabolo, and cigar boxes. See if you can keep up and learn a trick or two!


Lead Instructor | They/Them

Kaelin is a certified teacher with EPSB who completed her Bachelor of Education degree at the University of Alberta. She loves working with kids and loves how coding could be tied in with any subject in school. When she’s not teaching, she enjoys learning new things, snowboarding, and traveling!


Lead Instructor | She/Her

Jeff is a certified teacher with EPSB and a huge basketball fan who likes to spend his free time watching the NBA or playing at a local rec. centre. Of course, like all Discover Coding instructors, he also loves video games of all genres, but his favourite is Pokemon Sword and Shield. Gotta Catch 'em All!


Technical Instructor | He/Him

Dylan is an enthusiastic gamer and loves to bring his excitement and passion to the classroom. He loves to find ways to teach students complex material in a way that is easy to understand. Most importantly, his positive attitude and gaming knowledge make him very relatable and approachable to students.


Technical Instructor | He/Him

Angelo is a community-minded problem solver who explores coding with enthusiasm. With experience working in multiple environments, he explores code physically using props, charts, and his rubber ducky, before totally geeking out and getting it done. If you want to break the ice with him, invite him to a game of Bounden. He also loves left-over spaghetti, but please don't feed him yours.


Lead Instructor | He/Him

Bilal has a background in mechanical engineering and has a passion for medical sciences too. He thoroughly enjoy playing squash and chess, but maybe not at the same time. He also loves scenic moments and photography and would leap at the opportunity to travel the world and explore nature. Bilal is always looking to challenge himself and explore something new, something different, something meaningful.


Lead Instructor | He/Him

Rayna is a biochemistry student at the University of Alberta, who appreciates the process of scientific inquiry. She loves teaching children and seeing their creativity flourish as they develop and strengthen their skills. During her spare time, Rayna enjoys playing piano and violin and going trail running in Edmonton’s river valley.


Lead Instructor | She/Her

Danielle is an elementary teacher who has been teaching in a variety of schools and grades for over 5 years. She loves playing Minecraft and crafting style games on the PC. When she isn't teaching, Danielle helps run children's programs in a public library or is reading books and building tiny model houses at home.


Lead Instructor | She/Her

Andi is a youth-worker turned marketing specialist who recently graduated from MacEwan University's Professional Communications program. She is an avid learner who loves thrift shopping, making DIY crafts and writing poems for her friends. These days, you can find Andi wobbling through Edmonton on 40-year-old roller skates she bought at - you guessed it, a thrift store!


Marketing Specialist | She/Her

Miranda is a Professional Communication graduate from MacEwan University who aspires to be an editor. As an editor, her favourite word is any word that’s spelled correctly and she loves when someone will talk about grammar and punctuation with her. When she’s not freelance writing, you can find her on the ice as a goalie for a men’s hockey team.


Communications Specialist | She/Her

Join the team!

We are always looking for more energetic instructors to join us. If you have experience working with kids and technology education, you may be a great fit. We love working with our instructors to help them grow to be great role models and effective educators.

We also have opportunities for volunteers and training to get you up to speed to be an instructor.