Minecraft Christmas Gifts for Kids!

Gifts for kids

Is your child a major Minecraft fan? What can you give a Minecraft enthusiast that they don’t already have? You’re in luck – there are tons of Minecraft toys and activities that would make amazing and exciting Christmas or holiday gifts! This Christmas, you can gift your child with some amazing Minecraft-themed activities and gifts we are sure they will love!

Take their love of building off-screen by giving them this hands-on Minecraft board game as a Christmas or Holiday gift!

Explore the Overworld, face dangerous mobs, and mine resources to build fantastic structures! The world’s bestselling video game, Minecraft, has been adapted into an easy-to-learn strategy board game perfect for tabletop gamers and Minecraft fans alike. Each turn, players take two of five possible actions: explore the Overworld, mine resources from a block of resource cubes, build structures, collect weapons, or fight mobs like Endermen and Creepers. Build carefully and fight bravely to win!

Minecraft Boardgame for christmas gift

If your child is crazy for all things Minecraft, then you must pick up for them The Independent and Unofficial Top Trumps Guide to Minecraft

This pack contains all your favorite mobs, from the common Creeper and nether-dwelling Blaze, to the dancing Parrots and rare Killer Bunny. Challenge your friends and family to guess which mob is tallest, widest or the most likely to attack! But the ultimate question is which will have the highest Top Trumps Rating? Could it be Wither, Enderman or maybe even Polar Bears? There’s only one way to find out, get your pack now!

Minecraft guide for holiday gift

With this perfect Minecraft Christmas gift, your child can incorporate creativity into their nightly routine by building their own nightlight with this Block Building Light.

Light up space however you want with the Block Building Light, a set of 16 separate light up blocks that can be arranged in any combination on the bedrock base. This set comes in a printed box and includes iconic blocks from the game like grass, TNT, diamond ore, Redstone, gold, furnace, crafting table, jack o lantern, and watermelon. Made of high-quality ABS material, odourless, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It’s sturdy and durable. This Block Building Night Light can illuminate your room and improve your imagination and creativity.

Minecraft lamp for holiday present

Old will meet new and your child’s love for building will be taken off screen for the holidays with Minecraft themed LEGO blocks!

Leap into a world of Minecraft adventures with this LEGO Minecraft 21154 The Blaze Bridge set, featuring a fiery Minecraft Nether setting with a bridge, burning lava, fearsome Minecraft mobs and unique items. Players of the record-breaking video game will love to activate the gravel rockfall and the flying blaze functions as they battle the hostile mobs to cross the bridge and win the treasure. Kids can also combine this collectible Minecraft playset with other sets to create a unique LEGO Minecraft universe for both play and display. Includes an Alex minifigure, plus a wither skeleton and 2 blaze figures with spinning blaze rod functionality.

Minecraft LEGO for Christmas present

Your child can carry their favourite game on their wrist with this fun and interactive Minecraft Touch Screen watch

This is a multi-function interactive watch for children, which features various functions, such as, Camera, Video, Games, Calculator, Voice Recorder, Clock Dial, Alarm, Pedometer and Album Viewer. This watch combines normal watch function with touch screen technology. Features your child’s favourite licensed characters. Fantastic introductory smartwatch for kids. 

Minecraft watch for Minecraft kid

Make your child’s sweet dreams a reality by giving them a Minecraft themed bedding set that transforms their room into a Minecraft wonderland!

An explosion of design, comfort and colour make this Minecraft double sheet set the perfect bedding choice. Soft, cozy and easy to care for with the signature Minecraft look, this bright green, black and grey comforter is a a great addition to any fan’s room. Designed to coordinate with other Minecraft bedding items. Look for the matching twin/full comforter to complete the look.

Minecraft Bedding for Minecraft fan

Embrace your child’s love of Minecraft AND support an artist by ordering an amazing custom Minecraft bedroom sign from artists like BTown3D on Etsy!

Make your bedroom or game room stand out with this custom 3D-printed door sign! Strong foam tape on the back that should stick well to any door. Choose two or three lines of text, and whether you want any splash text (yellow) or an embossed creeper logo (if space permits).

This item is 3D-printed from durable PLA plastics, making it durable, waterproof, and fingerprint-resistant. 

Christmas gift custom Minecraft sign

There are tons of fun toys and decorations that your child would absolutely love – but nothing beats making memories, learning new skills and meeting amazing friends who share a common interest at a winter Minecraft camp! Discover Coding is offering several Minecraft themed camps for winter break that your child would definitely have a blast at!

Sign up your child for a camp in Minecraft coding, Minecraft Redstone, and more either online or in-person. Check out our unforgettable holiday Minecraft camps options below!

Minecraft Camp Dec 20-24 @ Online

Minecraft Camp Dec 20-24 @ Discover Coding HQ, Edmonton

Minecraft Redstone Circuitry Dec 27 @ Online

Minecraft Redstone Circuitry Dec 27 @ Discover Coding HQ, Edmonton

Holiday and Winter camps Minecraft

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