Health and safety guidelines

At Discover Coding, the health and safety of our students and instructors is always our top priority — which is why we are excited to offer in-person programs that follow specific guidelines, in accordance with the Government of Alberta.

Our in-person programs are operating under the following health guidelines:

Student and instructor health checks

  • Students and instructors must stay home if they feel ill or exhibit any symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, difficulty breathing, etc.)
  • Parents must check their child’s health and complete the required screening questionnaire each morning
  • In the event a child does not satisfy these health checks, the child must stay at home for the safety of everyone at camp
  • Instructors ask students to check their health each morning and actively symptom screen students
  • Every instructor checks their health prior to coming to work each day

Masks and facial coverings

  • All instructors must wear masks
  • Students must wear masks

Physical distancing of individual children and class groups

  • Class sizes are kept at 5-9 students and 1-2 instructors
  • Students are stationed at computers 2 metres apart
  • Each student stays at their own computer station for the week
  • All activities are adapted to have physical distancing between students
  • Students eat lunch outside, if the weather permits

Drop-off and pick-up etiquette

  • Each student should have one designated parent to drop-off and pick-up (where possible)
  • The number of people in entry areas is limited
  • Students are to pack up and be ready to go prior to pick up
  • Parents are to go directly to the classroom and leave immediately after

Enhanced hand-washing protocols

  • Students must wash their hands prior to entering class
  • Students and instructors are encouraged to wash their hands frequently and follow respiratory hygiene
  • Hand washing is required before and after any snack break and after bathroom breaks
  • Students are to bring their own hand sanitizer

Frequent cleaning of equipment and surfaces

  • High-touch and used surfaces, computers, technology, equipment and washrooms are cleaned regularly and thoroughly
  • Students are responsible for wiping their station with provided disinfectant wipes

We are committed to following Alberta Health Services guidelines to provide students with a fun and safe learning environment. We look forward to seeing you, in person or virtually!

To learn more about our in-person and online programs or to register, check out our course catalog.