End of #CSEducationWeek -Learning does not stop here!

Computer Science Education Week comes to an end but the learning does not have to stop!

For Computer Science Education Week, we taught at 5 schools, 17 classes and over 400 students! They got to program a game and learn skills such as logic, problem solving and critical thinking. Kids got to explore computer hardware and start making connections to the technology they use everyday. We exposed kids to other forms of learning computational thinking off screen with the Ozobots. And we demo’d some more advanced Scratch programs on the Raspberry Pi’s, connected to circuit bread boards. We covered a lot in an hour and got kids curious and thinking about computer science!
Also, we helped give teachers some tips to continue teaching coding in class! Teachers stay tuned, we hear you and are working on a professional development course! We hope this global movement continues so that more kids get this exposure!

Happy Coding! #hourofcode #raspberrypi #ozobots

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