Discover Coding Zone joining Hour of Code global movement on Global Morning News!

“This week is computer science education week, and local company Discovery Coding has joined the “Hour of Code” global movement to introduce students to computer science. Company co-founder Jennifer Lam and summer camp student Elizabeth Baboneau share more about learning the computer skill.”

We had an interview with our student, Elizabeth, and Mike Sobel on the set of Global Morning News to share the benefits of learning to code. It teaches kids problem solving, critical thinking and logic. And it is super fun and engaging to empower kids to create their own games, story animations or solve a problem with an app.  Every student should have the opportunity to learn computer science

Here’s a glimpse of the Football game, our 9 year old student, Elizabeth, mentioned on Global Morning news. The objective is to catch certain coloured footballs to gain points and avoid others. Elizabeth designed a menu with instructions, created 3 levels with varying difficulty and added music to create a complete game. Elizabeth had no prior experience with coding and she programmed this using Scratch in our 5-day coding camp! Amazing what kids can do! #hourofcode2017 #cseducationweek #gamification #kidscandoamazingthings



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