This is an 8-lesson course for students to get an introduction to Callysto, Jupyter, and Python. This project was funded in partnership with Callysto the Pacific Institute for Mathematical Science (PIMS) and CanCode (Government of Canada). The course is taught by Discover Coding.

Watch this video for assistance with completing the below steps.

To get started, please complete these steps:

Open one of the notebooks:

Open the “discover-python” folder on Callysto:

Open your jupyter Notebook (starting with lesson 1):

Click the “Run” button on the top of the page.

Click “View” and select “Toggle Line Numbers” button to view the small numbers in the boxes underneath.

Above didn’t work?  Visit this link instead:

*IMPORTANT NOTE* you will need to run an extra command at the start of your notebook to get Turtle to work:

!pip install mobilechelonian > /dev/null

Still not working? Open individual lessons here:

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