Discover Coding 2024 Summer Camps

Two young girls, smiling brightly, pose with laptops in hand after a Discover Coding class at Earl Buxton Elementary School.

Elevate Your Child's Summer with
Cutting-Edge Tech Camps in Edmonton!

Discover Coding in Edmonton offers dynamic coding summer camps designed to enrich your child’s summer with a variety of exciting activities. Our programs cater to ages 5-15 and include coding languages, game design in Minecraft and Roblox, robotics engineering, and web development. We combine education with physical activities to provide a holistic experience that nurtures creativity and innovation in a safe environment. 

We prioritize the health and safety of every student, ensuring they thrive while learning coding fundamentals such as Scratch, Python, and JavaScript.  Children not only create their own programs but also design games and explore robotics challenges like Inch Worm races and Robo Sumo Wrestling. They also engage in digital creativity sessions, crafting logos and websites using platforms like Wix or WordPress. This summer we have some fun new classes such as Roblox Game Design, Robotics and Website Design and Graphics. 

Beyond technical skills, our camps emphasize critical thinking, collaboration, and communication—essential for future success in any field. Our experienced instructors foster a supportive atmosphere where children can explore their interests with confidence. 

Finding Balance in
Play and Learning

Children learn and create best when engaged in diverse activities, which is why we limit screen time to 45-75 minutes at our in-person camps. Between sessions, kids participate in coding and tech-themed physical activities, allowing them to apply concepts creatively, connect to real-world ideas, and enjoy outdoor fun in nearby parks or green spaces. 

Join Discover Coding This Summer 

By enrolling your child in Discover Coding’s summer camps, you’re investing in their future. Coding skills are increasingly valuable, and our programs offer something for every young tech enthusiast, whether they’re new to coding or expanding their skills. Visit our website or contact us today to secure your child’s spot and discover why Discover Coding is the premier choice for coding education in Edmonton! 

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