Presenting at the BEST Conference!

On April 22, the Discover Coding Zone team had the pleasure of presenting at the Edmonton Catholic School District’s BEST (Best Exploration of Science and Technology) Conference, held at St. Brendan Elementary & Jr. High School. This is our second invitation to the annual conference, and we were excited to build on this year’s theme: “Science in the Movies!”.


We created a Pokemon-themed coding session and tutorials, where our students used Scratch to build and customize a game where players navigate a maze and collect all the Pokemon. For more advanced programmers, students created their own original game using Pokemon characters in Scratch.

To encourage regular breaks from sitting in front a screen, we also had a hardware station where students got an introduction to computer hardware and had hands-on experience with connecting components together.

The kids were very engaged and excited share their created games with their family and friends.

The day was huge hit!




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