About Hour of Callysto:

The Hour of Callysto is a 90 minute live virtual course that introduces students (and teachers) to basic coding concepts. There is a 10 minute break halfway through for a movement and body break.

Who is this for?

  • Grades 5-9 students
  • Classrooms in rural communities
  • Homeschool groups (*Please note, we can only accommodate for groups with a minimum of 18 students or more.)

Learning Outcomes:

Students will be learning the Python programming language and the following computer science concepts:

  • Basic data types
  • Basic arithmetic operations and control flows.
  • Variables
  • Loops
  • Debugging

During this course, we make connections to many math concepts found in the province of Alberta’s Math Program of Studies Curriculum.

Connections to Alberta’s Math Program of Studies:

N5.2: Use estimation strategies in problem-solving contexts.  

N5.8: Describe and represent decimals (tenths, hundredths, thousandths), concretely, pictorially and symbolically.

N5.11: . Demonstrate an understanding of addition and subtraction of decimals (limited to thousandths).

N6.4: Relate improper fractions to mixed numbers and mixed numbers to improper fractions.

N6.7: . Demonstrate an understanding of integers, concretely, pictorially and symbolically. 

N6.9: Explain and apply the order of operations, excluding exponents, with and without technology (limited to whole numbers). 

N7.4: Demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between positive terminating decimals and positive fractions and between positive repeating decimals and positive fractions. 

N7.5: Demonstrate an understanding of adding and subtracting positive fractions and mixed numbers, with like and unlike denominators, concretely, pictorially and symbolically (limited to positive sums and differences). 

N7.6: Demonstrate an understanding of addition and subtraction of integers, concretely, pictorially and symbolically. 

N8.1: Demonstrate an understanding of perfect squares and square roots, concretely, pictorially and symbolically (limited to whole numbers). 

N8.6: Demonstrate an understanding of multiplying and dividing positive fractions and mixed numbers, concretely, pictorially and symbolically. 

N8.7: Demonstrate an understanding of multiplication and division of integers, concretely, pictorially and symbolically.


To qualify for this program, a school must be in a rural community. We define a rural community as a municipal community with a population of under 10,000 people. If unsure of eligibility, please contact us.

What is required?

  • Students need access to wifi and a laptop, chromebook or desktop.
  • Students will connect to a video conferencing platform for instructor-guided lesson
  • Schools will book online class after application is approved

Please note: Each class can only sign up for one of the Callysto programs. You may choose between Hour of Callysto (1 time class) OR Discover Python with Callysto (8-class course).

Have questions? Interested?

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