About Discover Python With Callysto:

Discover Python With Callysto is a course that introduces students (and teachers) to basic coding concepts. The course is delivered in eight 90-minute classes.

Who is this for?

  • Grades 5-9 students
  • Classrooms in rural communities
  • Homeschool groups (*Please note, we can only accommodate for groups with a minimum of 18 students or more.)


This is a glimpse of what the students will be doing (subject to changes): 

  • Lesson 1: Callysto, Python, Data Types, Basic Operations, Strings, Variables, User Input
  • Lesson 2: Comparisons, Conditionals (if, if-elif, if-else statements), extension – Basic Loop
  • Lesson 3: Loops, Operations, Variables, Comparisons, Control Flow with Loops, extension – Fibonacci Sequence 
  • Lesson 4: Lists, Items, Index, Loops, Strings, extension – Count String Characters
  • Lesson 5: Caesar Cipher, Encryption/Decryption 
  • Lesson 6: Turtle Module, Making Graphics
  • Lesson 7: Spirograph Drawings, Repeating Shapes, Random Functions, extension – Callysto Turtle Art Contest 
  • Lessons 8: Random Module, Build a “Rock, Paper, Scissors” game.

During this course, we make connections to many math concepts found in the province of Alberta’s Math Program of Studies Curriculum.


To qualify for this program, a school must be in a rural community. We define a rural community as a municipal community with a population of under 10,000 people. If unsure of eligibility, please contact us.

What is required?

  • Students need access to wifi and a laptop, chromebook or desktop.
  • Callysto or PIMS may request feedback to identify successes of this program
  • School picks 8 preferred dates and times between May-June. Dates are on first come first serve basis.

Please note: We are currently prioritizing requests for classes between April to June 2020. We will consider Fall 2020 classes if funding allows.

Have questions? Interested?

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