Rural Initiative with Callysto

About Rural Initiative with Callysto:

We are all about empowering teachers and students with new tools and resources for programming and computer science, which are essential skills for the digital future. Discover Coding is working with CallystoPIMS (Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences), and the CanCode program to bring programming to rural areas across Canada. Discover Coding’s instructors are passionate about coding and have diverse backgrounds including software engineering, game development, data science, and education. So far, we have already delivered this program to over 700 students. We are now extending this opportunity to schools in rural areas.

Best of all, this opportunity is provided at no cost to schools or teachers!

Who is this for?

  • Grades 5-9 students
  • Classrooms in rural communities


To qualify for this program, a school must be in a rural community. We define a rural community as a municipal community with a population of under 10,000 people. If unsure of eligibility, please contact us.

Learn about the Two Callysto programs:

Please note: Each class can only sign up for one of the Callysto programs. You may choose between Hour of Callysto (1 time class) OR Discover Python with Callysto (8-class course).

These programs are funded by: