Homeschool Group Classes

It’s always more fun to learn with friends in a safe and interactive environment. If you have a homeschool or a group that would like to learn to code or create with technology, we have an offer for you: Online homeschool group classes!

How do you arrange homeschool group classes?

  1. Get 6 or more kids together.
  2. Choose one of our online programs using our program guide.
  3. Contact us to decide on your preferred dates and times. The length of class and duration of the program varies. You can choose for classes to be:
    • Once a week 
    • Twice a week 
    • Every day for one or two weeks
  4. Everyone gets 15% off!

Please note this offer is only for weekday (Monday to Friday) and daytime hours between 8:00 am – 3:00 pm MT.